Recruitment Strategy

Any company is only as good as the talent they employ.


Here at Drake Executive, we work with you from the first moment you determine a recruitment need arises - applying our HR expertise to provide a fresh perspective to your project, by conducting a gap analysis of your team, understanding your organisational goals and developing a strategy to source and select the individual who will truly excel in your environment.


We take a collaborative approach to each assignment – assuring you of a perfect fit, every time. Using our comprehensive selection process, we take the time to thoroughly assess each applicant against the Ideal Candidate Profile, ensuring a strong cultural, team, and positional fit.


Sourcing top talent is not a matter of good luck.
It’s a matter of consistently applying an effective hiring process.

1 Develop an in-depth brief of requirements

    • Person Specification
    • Reason for the vacancy
    • Organisational hierarchy and culture
    • Employer brand and value proposition 
    • Interview process and timescales
    • Package and Benefits

2 X-Ray Search & Pre-Qualifying Criteria

    • Gather market intelligence
    • Map relevant talent 
    • Identify potential candidates who match the agreed Person Specification

3 Drake P3® Behavioural Profiling

Conduct a personality assessment of candidates to understand their personal strengths, leadership style, decision-making style, energy level, motivational needs and stress levels.

4 Interview / Screen

    • Conduct deep-dive interviews, based on experience, skills and behaviours. 
    • Taking great care not to jeopardise candidate confidentiality, candidates are pre-referenced to verify past performance and essential soft skills. Those who are not a fit are closed out.

5 Present Candidate Profiles

Candidates are presented in a written report outlining their career history, achievements and education.

Included is an in-depth assessment of their strengths, motivators and de-motivators and their potential for success within the role, along with full package requirements.